About me

My vision

I deeply believe that the world needs better digital products and services built by people who care passionately about their customers and understand their needs.

This will be achieved through creating a working environment that allows creativity to flow and the status quo to be challenged; where rapid change is welcomed and it is safe to make mistakes and learn.  Only this way can you fully understand and meet your customer’s needs.

Ultimately that digital products and services are used to make people’s lives better.

How I can help you

  • Speak at an event
  • Learn stuff in my blog
  • Teach you how to build and lead great digital teams
  • Understand and delight your customers by building better products

Why me?

I help organisations delight their customers and solve business problems.

I have over 18 years of experience of creating award-winning digital products across a range of channels including the web, intranet, social media, digital television and mobile.

I am a regular public speaker at industry conferences and running workshops.

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My company

I am the founder of Digital Rebels, a company built to deliver digital excellence to customers.  Services include on-site and remote consulting, product development, leadership and modern Agile training.  www.digitalrebels.co.uk

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